R O S Y L E I A ® (form. Rosalia) was founded in 2019 by Rosa & Michael in Cologne Germany. Two friends from High School having the ambition to create a brand that focuses on quality clothing pieces designed to last. In times of fast fashion and high volatility of trends arising, we want to offer fashion that has its own stability and awareness of what fashion actually is. Therefore we offer our timeless pieces throughout many seasons since they can be part of your wardrobe for the next decades.
The motivation of Rosa who is responsible for the creative part is to connect with a small group that is looking for the same pieces that she always felt were missing to her wardrobe. Thereby not focusing on the biggest audience possible rather identifying with people who feel the same way. We not only try to connect with you through fashion but also by sharing ideas and thoughts in the form of multidisciplinary blog posts that will be shared on our website.
Simple, classic and symmetric designs including natural colors and higher quality materials (for example premium cashmere from Australia) at affordable prices, represent the main key elements of the pieces we supply. Our main objective is that the pieces are detached from trends, age & seasons. The pieces are highly versatile. This means you can either wear them very casually to work or to an evening event. It is this feeling of wearing something new but not unknown and the mix between flexibility and stability that our idea of fashion incorporates. For us, the individual balance between keeping up with Zeitgeist and having certain stability to the taste is what style is about and what emphasizes individuality. This perception of balance is what connects us with our customers.
We are based in Germany but we work closely with production facilities in East Asia and Portugal. We constantly audit the quality of our partners to guarantee that they overlap with our brand culture. Steadily improving the customer experience is the core driving force for upcoming additions to the collection. Therefore we value our (potential) customer’s opinion and emphasize the interaction with you through Email, Instagram and Facebook. You can always contact us with any kind of inquiry or concerns. We are here to give value and that is our main objective. The higher ambition of delivering sophisticated fashion to all the people interested in expressing their selves through fashion can be part of a culture of uplifting each other. This is a culture we want to be part of.